The 1 Stands for the unity between our staff and creators that come to our facility and become one within the session or project that is being worked on. 

"1 Band 1 Sound!"



Soundvibe stands for the clear sound that we offer with our professional equipment and product we produce with a professional and colorful Vibe through our whole facility. 

"It's That 1 Soundvibe"

                        -Lafayette Taylor


Studios represents the different sections we have to offer from Photography, recording, rehearsal, and affiliates within the facility.


"When I'm in the studio, There are no boundaries!"

                           -Justin Timberlake

Lafayette Taylor 
Founder’s Notes 


I wanted to create a studio where everyone can be who they are as a creator wether you are a recording engineer, producer, singer, rapper, poet, photographer, videoographer, or writer. From the Colors the furniture down to the equipment 1 Soundvibe Studios has a vibe for all ages. With the perfect location in the Houston Heights area its central for anyone to meet halfway in the city.

"I want people to say this is my studio home!"

                          -Lafayette Taylor 

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4306 1/2 Lillian St. | Houston, TX | 77007 | 1soundvibe@gmail.com

Tel: 832-779-7244

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