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Spread The Brand: 1 SoundVibe Grammy Weekend. Recap

1 SoundVibe Connections and Recording Studios is more than just a company, it is a community of the best artist, creators, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Spread the brand, was founded by Lafayette Taylor, to connect brands of all kinds and in various stages. Spread the brand radio, covers media from events, host podcast, and radio shows. Grammy's weekend is one the biggest and best events of the entertainment industry. Spread the brand took over Grammy weekend, get used to seeing this company in streets. Follow on instagram available, for media coverage nationwide.

Grammy's Key Moments

South African, artist Tyla won her first Grammy as a 22 year old for her song "Water".

Killer Mike, 3 times grammy winner was allegedly detained after his monumental win that was not televised. Artist like Jay Z, have made their vocal stance on the recording academy's, history of biased judgement.

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